I forgot my camera tonight, so apologies for the crappy iPhone pic.

Tonight, I met up with my friend Kellie. We walked around midtown for awhile, and then we had dinner at Rue 57, a French bistro on 57th Street. I had the roast chicken avec haricots verts, and it was absolutely delicious. The whole working-from-home thing has made me a little lonely as of late, so it was amazing to catch up with an old friend.

Kellie and I have known each other since I was 14 and she was 13. We took tennis lessons together in high school, and we were basically inseparable during the summer, despite living in different states. (She lived in Suffern, New York, just over the border of NY/NJ.) I used to make fun of her for being SO HEALTHY, and I frequently apologize to her now for being so hypocritical. For example, I made fun of her for working out while we were in the Bahamas in college. I worked out in Aruba. 

Speaking of Aruba, (no, I”m not going back…le sigh), Joel and I had a talk about motivation this afternoon. I think he could tell my head hasn’t totally been in it these past few months. (Maybe it’s because I complain more?) We did a pretty hard workout, and he showed me the workout he wants to work me up to. It’s super-intense, and it involves a set of 30 mountain-climbers between every arm exercise. We talked about goals, and he told me I needed a time-specific goal to work towards. When I was going to Aruba, I was very clear that I wanted to lose 50 pounds by Aruba. I didn’t lose it all by then, but I lost most of it by then.

So, I only want to lose a few more pounds, but I want some rock-solid abs. By when? Memorial Day weekend. I’ll be going down to OBX again for Memorial Day this year, and I am going to be rocking a bikini with rock-hard abs. I will also have lost those pesky last few pounds. I’m going to take a new “before” picture tomorrow. In a bikini. That I am NOT posting here. Sorry. How will I do it? Step up my running, cut out more grains, eat more fruits and vegetables. 

(And no, I didn’t get to do the five miles tonight…. 🙁 )

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