Shouldn’t Working Out More Make Me Healthier?

Link: Shouldn’t Working Out More Make Me Healthier?

Turns out, maybe not. There may be too much of a good thing. The above-linked article claims (without actually linking to the study, tsk tsk) that at a certain point, a long workout may drain your body of zinc, a key mineral that helps your immune system.

So I just took a zinc supplement. (I don’t usually — just when I’m sick to try to give my immune system a boost.)

Note: I AM NOT SAYING TO WORK OUT LESS. I am just saying that everything needs to be kept in balance.

What do you think? Do you get sick more often when you work out more?

One comment on “Shouldn’t Working Out More Make Me Healthier?

  1. Elise

    Confusing statement they did if you put it literally. I guess people should use the common sense. See, overdoing it is risky, having it done nonetheless is also a bit of a risk as well. Balancing is really the best choice. Moderating such activity gives a plausible choice.


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