And speaking of oversleeping…

Thatgirlnamedsmash asked me on Twitter:

To be honest? I’m having a hard time. I’ve had a pretty busy few weeks since I started the job, and I’m on a much different schedule than I was when I started this healthy living business. 

When I started this last February, I was working within walking distance from my apartment, which made everything so much easier logistically. My dog is on a pretty regular schedule of going out, and messing with that might mean messing up my apartment, if you catch my drift.

I can theoretically go in the morning before work and before his first walk, but I’m bad at waking up early. (I’m working on it.) I would love to go near work and then just shower and walk over, but that would really mess up our schedule — I think I’d have to leave 1.5-2 hours earlier than I usually do in order to get up to midtown, workout and shower. I know getting it out of the way is awesome, but I’m not a morning person. No matter how hard I try.

Which leaves after work. So long as I don’t have anything going on after work, this is usually fine. This week, I have Junior League stuff tomorrow and Thursday night. So I need to go before work. As much as it sucks. 

My first week, I only managed to work out twice that week. Sucked. Last week, I made three workouts. This week, I’m aiming for four. I’ll try to keep the spreadsheet over on the side updated.

I’m trying really hard to keep fitness a big part of my life, but it’s definitely hard with a pretty busy after-work life, a new commute and not being a morning person. How do you (especially you with commutes and dogs) do it? Before work? After work?

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