Damn you, Scuba Steve!

The other night, I wrote that I had just bought a new bathing suit, and I was looking for some workout suggestions. I totally forgot that one of my best friends might as well have fins; she was a competitive swimmer from the time she was like 6 (I think?) until she went to college. She read my post, and was like, “um, hi…I can send you a workout!” 

I had already been to the gym and swam for about 30 minutes, just doing laps back and forth with no real rhyme or reason, but I will definitely try this interval workout next time; it looks intense!

  • 200 freestyle warm up (8 laps)
  • 6 x 50m rest 30 seconds in between each one (there should be a clock there to look at) Freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke repeat 
  • 100m kicking (prob more fun to use a kick board if there are any floating around)
  • 100m pulling only freestyle (just let your legs hang there)

Also, reader Kat suggested that I try SwimPlan to design swim workouts. She also suggested printing out the workout and putting it in a plastic sheet protector, which I may do! 

I was briefly on the swim team in high school (so I totally rocked my Ramapo swim cap today), but I haven’t really swam laps in about 10 years! I’m in great cardio shape, and I’m a pretty good runner, so I expected swimming to be much easier than it was! Do you feel like if you rock one kind of cardio you should be awesome at all kinds, or is that just me?

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