Happy Easter!

I have no siblings, and I’m not married, so I’m perpetually a child in my parents’ eyes. Sometimes, I humor them and do stuff like dye Easter eggs.

(Can you use an iPad to dye Easter eggs? I think not.)

This is a very scientific process to my dad. My mom and I are not allowed to touch the dyes or vinegar until they have been mixed.

The finished product. (I wrote Humpty Dumpty on the cracked one.)

And tangentially relating this back to weight loss? Not that I have to, but let’s go there. Sure, I was jealous of my friends that put on the tight jeans and cute little shirts to go out, but what I really wished for was to to be able to look effortlessly chic in those comfortable outfits, without looking sloppy. So I love this outfit, because I feel put-together but comfortable, if that makes sense. Sure, I still have some work to do on my tummy, but I’m pretty happy with where I am so far. The t-shirt and cardigan are from the J. Crew outlet, and the shorts are Vineyard Vines, from last year. (I rocked this outfit with Jack Rogers this afternoon.)

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