I almost lied…

I didn’t make it to the gym today. I overslept this morning, and then I didn’t get home till around 9pm, and I had a project I had to finish up. I almost went around 10:45, but then I realized how tired I was. I was tempted to lie about it, but then I realized that wouldn’t help anyone, least of all myself.

So. Tomorrow is another day. I am going to run in the morning. (If I lose the snooze war, I will work out at lunch, despite all my grumbles about being sweaty, etc.) I’m still trying to figure this out. Maybe I will take my rest day(s) during the week, since I’m pretty good at getting my workouts in on the weekend. We’ll see. 


Tonight’s dinner: turkey burger, guac, some feta, basmati rice (probably less healthy than brown rice, but oops) sweet potato, spinach, tomato sauce and did I mention guac?

But I’ll never wake up if I don’t go to sleep…so, good night.

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