I don’t usually feel very inspired in the kitchen. Protein + veggie(s) +/- grains = dinner. But the other day, I realized that the warmer weather meant the return of the guacamole salad. (Recipe here.)

So, I made sure my Fresh Direct order included black beans, a pepper, avocados (most grocery lists of mine already include avocados) and lime, and I made the salad tonight, after telling myself “You have food. Don’t order. DO. NOT. ORDER.)

I still struggle with not eating the whole thing when it tastes good (with a lot of things), so I made half the salad, ate it, and then made the rest of it and covered it up and refrigerated it right away.

Pro tip 1: (especially important if you’re eating it as a leftover) put the avocado in right before you’re about to eat the salad so it doesn’t get all brown.

Pro tip 2: This. And this. Cooking toys!

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