It Was Supposed to be a Good One…

All day today, I thought about wanting to go running tonight. I had meant to go yesterday, but Beer Marathon put me in no state to run. I was going to go this morning, but then I overslept.

So at work, I thought MUST.RUN.TONIGHT. I really wanted to try out my new sneaks, and I just needed a good run, as I am already behind on my marathon training schedule. I had eaten well since brunch yesterday, so I didn’t foresee any stomach issues. My Garmin was dead, so I switched back to the Nike+, but it was inaccurate as always and never picked up my pace, just my time and distance. (Can’t you divide, Nike+? Geez…) 

Despite my little technological setbacks, I was still confident it would be a good run. I set out in the dusk and headed up my usual route up the West Side. The first mile (I did six) was absolutely fabulous, but once I was out of Battery Park, I started getting the Rumbly Tummy of Death. As in, I thought I needed a bathroom stat. I tried to breathe deep and will the pain away. It wouldn’t go away, so I ran as hard as I could when I could, and walked when I needed to. My legs felt so light when I set out, so it was a bummer that my stomach wasn’t feeling that way. The entire time I was running, I thought:

Was it the yogurt I had as a snack?

Was it the fact that I had a lot of grains today?

Did I have too much water today? (Is that possible?)

Or does this just happen sometimes?

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