Last night, I went to Il Brigante, a cozy little Italian restaurant down in my ‘hood, after meeting some old coworkers out at happy hour to celebrate a coworker’s new job. I didn’t manage to chat with him until I was on my way out, and my friends headed across the street for pizza while I was finishing up chatting with him. By the time I sat down, they had decided which two pizzas they wanted.

One of my friends asked if pizza was okay with me, which I thought was really nice! If anyone mentions my eating habits when we’re eating out, it’s usually to ask if I “can” eat whatever (I can eat whatever I want…I just choose to eat stuff that keeps me feeling healthy and not gross), to say I’m “so good,” or to tell me that “one [fill in the blank] won’t hurt you.”

So just a simple “is this okay with you?” with the understood “I know you don’t usually eat this way” was nice.

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