My dog-walker is headed out of town for a few days, so my back-up dog-walker (my mom) came in to pick up my sweet little boy tonight. We went to Stella, a cozy little restaurant just off South Street Seaport. The ambiance is a bit better than the food; the food is nothing special. Not great, not bad either.

I had these scallops over risotto, and my mom had the braised short ribs, which were tender like BUTTA! (She totally made the better choice.) I picked at some of the risotto, but it was pretty rich, and I wasn’t crazy about it. I also had a plate of broccoli on the side to fill me up.

Dessert? Creme brulee and strawberries and cream! 

Of course, as soon as my mom left with Bailey, I saw four dogs in Duane Reade and there’s a PetFinder iPhone app commercial on right now….

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