Ruh roh. Last night’s dinner ended up being a partial fail. I had every intention of making pizza with some whole wheat pizza dough I had from Whole Foods. I had frozen it last week, because I wasn’t going to be able to make it. So, I figured I’d speed up the thawing process by throwing it in the microwave. Great idea, until I smelled something that smelled an awful lot like my dough. I looked in the microwave, and apparently I made bread? So, no pizza.

So, I still wanted to use the sauce I had bought as well as the mozzarella-and-proscuitto thingy (mozzarella and proscuitto! in one package! together!), so I went to make some pasta. With whole wheat spaghetti. Or so I thought. It was a little darker than regular white pasta, so I must have grabbed it quickly, thinking it was whole wheat. OOPS. I ate it anyway…

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