Shiny, Happy People

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When I started reading healthy blogs that were outside of my little
Tumblr world, I was honestly surprised to see how happy they all were.

Clearly, these ladies were faking it.

I mean, yeah, I am the kind of person whose baseline happiness is
luckily higher than most people’s. But I’m also a twenty-something
who works in media in New York. Which means I’m pretty cynical. So,
no way these ladies were really that happy.

When you lose weight, you usually get happier. Your clothes fit
better, you’re getting all those endorphins. You’re getting
complimented by everyone you know.

But let’s be honest here. If you gained weight, it was probably
covering up somewhere else in your life where you were unhappy. You
were eating your feelings. Those feelings don’t always disappear when
you lose weight.

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