Why Blog Friends Are Like The Guy You Met on Friendster*

Meghan had both a birthday AND an engagement to celebrate tonight, so I met her and some of her friends, including Katie! at 10 Bells, a very very cute little wine bar on the Lower East side. (Its entrance is so nondescript that I definitely walked past it a few times first.)

“How do you know Meghan?” her friends asked. Not sure how she wanted to answer, I deferred to Meghan. “We, uh, work out together,” she said. 

When Katie got there, I screamed “OMG it’s so great to finally meet you!” and we gabbed about running while her boyfriend laughed at us for being blog friends. One of Meghan’s other friends looked at Meghan and me, and said, “wait, how do you guys know each other? We prefaced how we met with a lot of “I know it’s weird, but…”

You know it’s okay — and actually pretty awesome — to meet people through your blog, but it’s hard explaining it to people — like the guy you met on Friendster. “We’ll, uh, tell people we met at a bar?”

*Yes, I did date two different guys I met on Friendster. What of it? 

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