DownSizing: on sacrifices and exceptions

Link: DownSizing: on sacrifices and exceptions

i’ve forgotten that THIS, losing weight, requires sacrifices. 

Tonight I had drinks with a New Friend (worthy of same caps as a New Job), and after a few margaritas, I showed her my before-and-after picture. She was seriously shocked that that’s what I used to look like. “That looks nothing like you,” she said. I graciously thanked her, and said “I know,” with a smile.

She is a thin girl, and we somehow started talking about how one keeps oneself in shape. “Well, I work out 4-5 times a week, don’t eat fried stuff, etc., to stay under a certain weight,” she said.

Sometimes it’s just refreshing to hear that people who aren’t actively trying to lose weight have to do the same things; sometimes it’s really annoying. (Really? I have to stay *this* healthy to keep the weight off?)(I definitely enjoy staying healthy…but, we all know it’s easier to not stay healthy.)

I’m actually really excited to start my serious marathon training (I did one of my runs yesterday, but my first real long run is this weekend), so that I can be back on a regular schedule. I think that’s what I need to stay on track.

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