Healthy Kidney 10K Recap + Some Eats

Late yesterday afternoon, I heard some surprising news and I was in definite need of an after-work drink. One beer led to two, and then one glass of wine at dinner led to two glasses. Race? What race? It’s only six miles…I’ve done twice that! So it was with two beers, two glasses of wine, scallops, risotto, mashed sweet potatoes and some shared red velvet cake in my stomach that I set out for the Healthy Kidney 10K this morning. 

I had planned on my race-day usual, a banana and a Luna bar, but I was running late and the one dude in front of me at Duane Reade was buying beer — at 7:45am, mind you — with QUARTERS. The guy behind him on line was doing all of his grocery shopping at Duane Reade, which is a DRUG STORE, for non-NYC dwellers. I impatiently stood there and finally got frustrated and left my Luna bar on the counter and headed for the subway.

I was late for packet pickup and began the race not having made a final bathroom stop, not having had much to eat or much water, so I wasn’t expecting much from the race. In my trying to bust out of my recent rut, I’ve been trying to go with the flow more with my running until I begin training for Chicago FOR REALS on June 1. This means that I’m not wearing my Garmin while I’m running and I’m running just to run. So I thought today’s race would suck because of the lateness and my lack of race preparation, but I actually ended up rocking it at 59:00 — a PR for me! When I came back, I had the Pump bowl, but I was still STARVING. I was starving and sick to my stomach all at once, not the best feeling. I had these sweet potato fries and a turkey burger as a meal in between the Pump and my dinner.

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