I Was Going to Make Fun of My Dad..

…I was going to talk about how his eating habits really bother me and show you some photographic evidence.

[I still will — but let me say first, karma’s a bitch! I had leftovers tonight from the other night and was so sick from them all night.]

I was going to write that I went out for Italian food with my parents the other night, and I decided to get mussels over whole wheat ziti. I ordered them with medium-hot sauce [despite my mom suggesting I get the sweet sauce; or maybe because she suggested…].

Yum, right?

This is the remains of my dad’s carbonara. If you’re not familiar with carbonara, it’s probably one of the richest dishes you can get. It’s fettucine with an egg/heavy cream/bacon sauce. Even before I started eating healthy, the idea of it was never very appealing to me, but now it downright disgusts me. I want my dad to lose some weight and take better care of himself, so it drives me NUTS when he orders crap like this. I love him (and my mom, obvs, but she takes better care of herself), and I want him to stick around forever and ever and I don’t see this meal, which he orders more often than I’d like, helping that cause.

1. I know he has to want to change on his own.

2. He actually suggested I take the pic and put it on my blog!

3. I don’t make fun of anyone else about how they eat. Just my dad. Lest you think I was that girl.

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