Motivation Monday: Emily!

I started this blog for multiple reasons: to keep myself accountable, in hopes that my obsession with all things healthy could help someone else out, to teach myself Web/social media skills, to improve my writing.

I did not start this blog to see how many different ways I could describe oatmeal, Starbucks wraps or Pump bowls. At least for the forseeable future, I’m still going to post my eats because it still helps me stay on track. But! I’m also going to look for ways to mix it up…

Which brings me to the latest feature: MOTIVATION MONDAYS. Every Monday, I’m going to write about someone who motivated me in some way in the past week. (Or if I’m stuck, someone who motivated me in the past…)

Sometimes motivation comes to us in a grand way, and sometimes it comes to us in a silly way, but in whatever way it comes to us, it helps us get where we need to go.

(She may kill me for grabbing this from her blog.)

Last week, Ms. Emily motivated me. I had brought my running clothes on Wednesday for the Runner’s World class, but I had forgotten a sports bra. We were e-mailing back and forth before the class, and I told Emily that I had forgotten a sports bra and didn’t think I was going to make it. “Go buy one, you’re running!” she wrote back. I cleverly didn’t write back to that e-mail, so she texted me. “Did you go buy one?”

It was a little thing, but knowing she had my back and wasn’t going to let me get out of running kept me motivated and put a smile on my face, even as I dashed into the running store in Time Warner Center to buy the cheapest sports bra they had. The run, of course, was worth it.

And that makes Ms. Emily my first Motivational Monday! I already know who next week’s will be…

Has someone done something special (or even silly) that motivated you to stay healthy? Send me your story at and I’ll feature you!

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