Breakfast: overnight oats with just soy milk, no yogurt. I made the overnight oats sans yogurt because I was out of it, but I’ve been thinking of giving dairy up again. I lost much of my weight by giving up dairy, whole grains and red meat (and exercising), and I felt great for it. Lately, I’ve been feeling a little bloated and rumbly tummy, so I’m thinking of cutting way back on the dairy again. Despite my addiction to Greek yogurt…

Lunch: [abstaining from posting crappy iPhone pic, but it was pizza and salad from a work lunchtime meeting. And yes, I pulled out my iPhone to take a pic of it.]

Dinner: I live all the way downtown; NYRR’s headquarters are uptown. I had to head up there to pick up my race number. Since I already worked out this morning, I figured I’d do something social tonight.

Lacey lives on the UES, near where I was, so I was going to text her. I pulled out my phone to text her to meet up for a drink in her ‘hood, and she had texted me that she was in my neighborhood! We went to Red, a restaurant in South Street Seaport that was replaying World Cup games. I had low expectations. How was Red? About what I expected. The food was fine, nothing special. I had chicken fajitas and ate about half.

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