Duck Duck YUM

I was supposed to dine at Ashley’s, but my little Bailey had an upset tummy so I stuck around to keep an eye on him.

I bought duck at the farmer’s market the other night and decided there was no time like the present to make it. I did some googling and started on my cooking. I’d read that you should “score” the fat on the duck breast. I interpreted this to mean that I should just cut some slits on both sides of the breast…so that’s what I did. I cooked the breasts in my grill pan with no extra oil or butter – as if they were steaks. I cooked them with their skins on to keep the flavor from the fat and the skin.

When the breasts looked done, I sauteed some kale and feta (which, as Anne P says “makes it betta!”) in the leftover fat. (I think the fancy cooking term for this would be that I “reserved” the fat?) In a separate pan, I warmed up some of the Omaha Steak pineapple sauce I like with a little Asian chili sauce and a tiny bit of sesame oil. I heated up some brown rice, and voila:

I also went for a quick, EASY run when I got home from work. After the boxing ass-kicking last night, it actually felt really good to run out some of the tension in my muscles and was a super-relaxing run. 

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