I came out to NJ for the Blanchfield family reunion today. The older I get, sadly, the less people I know, as not many people in my generation go any more and some of the older ones have since passed away. Out of 14 children in my grandpa’s generation (Irish Catholic, y’all), only two remain.

I did reconnect with two awesome cousins, one who lives in the city and actually works near my apartment! I also had some of this fabulous pulled pork and a little bit of this pasta salad. Not pictured, but I also threw a burger on the plate.

When I came back, my mom was trying to get me to go for ice cream with her. I didn’t work out yesterday because I wasn’t feeling well, and I knew I couldn’t go another day without working out, so I busted it out…Billy Blanks style.

I usually don’t like workout videos (I have a hard time taking someone on a TV seriously and keeping myself motivated, but this one was too funny not to play along with.)

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