I know a lot of you think I eat somewhere along the lines of *so damn healthy.* That I have no problems with motivation. (I have a forthcoming post on motivation.)

The truth is, I’m no different than anyone else. I struggle with motivation and am no less tempted by bar food than anyone else. The difference? I shut up those voices for a year to reach my goal and now only let them whisper.

Tonight, I went to happy hour with a coworker, and I had a few beers. We detected the faint aroma of chicken fingers, so we split an order. When I got home, I was still hungry and had zero desire to cook, so I hit up SeamlessWeb. I got two tacos and sweet potato fries. I was thinking about something cheesy and super-greasy, but I was also thinking about running tomorrow. This satisfied cravings but (hopefully) won’t make me sick to my stomach tomorrow. 

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