I’m Glad I Lost Weight When I Did

When I started this blog, I’d lived in NYC for about six months. I knew a large handful (kind of like the kind of handfuls of junk food I’d reach for at the time) of people — people I worked with, people I knew from high school and college, and a few people I’d met through Junior League.

It was relatively easy for me to squeeze in a gazillion workouts a week because I didn’t have a packed social calendar. I also had an extra hour in my day because I walked to work and didn’t spend half an hour commuting each way. 

Now, I have a ton of friends, acquaintances and contacts in NYC. I’m co-chairing my Junior League committee next year. I have a job I love. I have this blog that I love. I have a half-hour commute each way. It’s summer right now. (Which makes everyone busier/more prone to happy hour!) I really think I had the perfect storm for weight loss. Beyond the desire, I also had the time and ability to devote to getting to the gym. I definitely struggled with this when I started my new job, but I’m getting better. (It helps that I’m training for a marathon.) But it definitely would have been harder to do now, so I’m grateful I did it then and now I can just focus on maintaining.

The rest of today’s eats:

A soba noodle salad from Thalia Kitchen.

Sushi, because I had a cooking fail this evening.

Well, technically I didn’t eat my dog. I just took a cute picture of him in his new little rain coat. 

Also, check out my post tomorrow on yoga on the Great Lawn…or what was supposed to be yoga on the Great Lawn…

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