Motivation Monday

Yes, I am aware it’s Wednesday. Monday, I spent 14 hours driving back from the beach. Yesterday, I was brain-dead from that. This week’s (and most weeks’) motivator is my buddy Tamsin. A friend of some of my DC friends, Tamsin moved to DC one month before I moved away from DC. I can’t remember exactly when we met, but I remember knowing right away we’d be good friends. At the time, I think we bonded over cheap beer talking about tennis. Nowadays, we bond over healthy food, workouts and running. For as long as I’ve known her, Tamsin has been thin. While I was trying to lose weight, I admired that she chose to live a healthy lifestyle even though she “didn’t have to.” Now, I understand. Tamsin’s one of those people that doesn’t make excuses. She just works out. This motivates me to stop making excuses and just keep sucking it up like I did last year and just do it. I text her when I can’t figure out how to get a workout in and she helps me figure out how to get one in. At the same time, she’s not apologetic if she doesn’t work out or eats something not healthy. (Case in point: we ran at the beach Saturday and ate Sonic driving back Monday.) I’m glad I have a Tamsin in my life!

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