Photo 1: Last night I was beyond exhausted, so I ordered some sushi. (Before I lost weight, when I was tired/sad/happy/bored and didn’t want to cook, I ordered Thai. Sushi is a definite upgrade. And proof to y’all that takeout can be healthy.)

Photo 2: After my race this morning (recap to come, but time? 58:07 for a 10K!), I wanted both carbs and protein so egg and cheese on a multigrain bagel it was. (I used to only eat these if I was hungover. I should keep them duly limited, but this one hit the spot this morning.)

Photo 3: I tried to lay out in Central Park with some friends but got incredibly lost and walked in circles. (94% of the times I’ve been in Central Park have been running or with other people telling me where to go.) They ended up leaving and I met up with them at Cilantro on the UWS. After a long run and a long walk in the heat and only a bottle of water, the water on the table was like a mirage to me. I sucked it down and had a margarita and this quesadilla. I don’t know if it’s the lack of water I consumed or maybe just some too-rich-for-me cheese, but I’m not feelin’ so hot right now. 

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