After running five miles in the heat, that’s how I’m lookin’ right now. Covered. In. Salt. 

Last night, I headed across the river for my high school friend Jaime’s birthday with Eileen. We went to Texas Arizona for dinner because it was the second place we saw when we got off the Path. (The first was Teak, which, if you go to Hoboken, you MUST go to at some point for their amazeball sushi – but check out their specials first. Monday night, they have half-price night, and I know they have other specials on other nights.) I got a pulled pork sandwich and ate only one half of the bun (it was awfully bread-y). I did eat most of the fries. Sometimes you just gotta. (That may be why I’m covered in salt now.)

This morning, I woke up and lazed around in bed for awhile before going out for my run. I wasn’t totally feeling the run when I left, so I switched things up and ran over the Brooklyn Bridge rather than my usual up-the-West-Side-Highway route. I ran through Brooklyn Heights and along the promenade almost to the Manhattan Bridge. A little lost and without my phone (I know there’s a way to look at a map on my Garmin, but I don’t know how yet…), I asked a hipster dad how to get back to the Brooklyn Bridge and ran straight back…to Dunkin’ Donuts, where I got a turkey sausage flatbread:

What kind of exercise are you up to today?

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