Sundays make for lazy blogger Theodora. 

Photo 1: Breakfast, made by my mom: eggs with bruschetta and a bit of mozzarella. Pretty amazing.

Photo 2: Pulled lamb sandwich, with half fries, half salad. Not amazing at all; pretty disappointing.

Photos 3-4: A chicken pattie on a bagel thin and sweet potato wedges.

Not pictured: a delicious smoothie between Photos 2 and 3. Also, I dragged my lazy allergy-ridden self to a spin class with Sara. When I’m not in the mood to work out, I try to do a class; it usually helps. I was pretty dehydrated from my allergies, so I sweat a ton. I finally got to try out my spin clips, and they were pretty rockin’.

Spin shoes/clips help you clip into the bike so your leg gets a better extension than when your foot is fighting to stay within the bike’s cage. 

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