Why I’m Smiling:

  • Ran the Wall Street 3M in 26:47! (For those of you trying to do the math, yes, that would be an 8:56 pace!!!!!!!!) 
  • I had a nice cold Corona with the adorable Heidi of Legally Heidi afterwards. In total small-worldness, she used to live in DC and we know some of the same people.
  • I mean, come on? Running + beer + blog friends? 
  • There’s a little lhasa-poo curled up next to me.
  • I had Pump for dinner.
  • And got my new iPhone. Anyone wanna buy the old one? :]

What I’m Furrowing My Brow At

  • Somehow my race number was 200. I’m pretty sure they do the numbers by speed and while 8:56 is awesome for me, there are people that are WAY faster. A lot of them…

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