Embarking on Theodora 2.5

Joel and I had a bit of confusion, and I thought we were working out last night. It turns out we were just meeting up for him to give me my plan and my vitamins. He walked in with a small shopping bag of vitamins; each one has a purpose and a specific time I’m supposed to take it.

He also gave me a workout journal that has my planned workouts for EVERY DAY BETWEEN NOW AND THE MARATHON. This is both awesome and overwhelming. Awesome in that I don’t have to think about my workout, overwhelming in that, well, it’s a lot. 

The whole thing makes me a bit nervous, but I trust Joel—he trained me to lose 50 pounds and run two half-marathons without getting hurt. He knows what I’m capable of and what motivates me. 

To be honest, I was thinking of doing something more intense than I had been doing to lose my stomach fat, and Joel just happened to contact me. I wasn’t planning on doing something this intense, but I can definitely do this for the next few months. Anyway, he’s already put in too much effort for me not to. I know some of what he has me doing will seem unconventional, but again, I trust him. Feel free to ask me questions about what I’m doing!

Remember how I said you could subscribe by e-mail? Well, Joel is giving me a “super vegetable of the day,” and I’ll be writing about my workout for the day in the morning, so sign up if you want to get Losing Weight in the City in your inbox! (If not, that’s cool, too.) 

Today’s super-vegetable? Broccoli! (I’m just supposed to eat at least one serving of it today.)

Today’s workout? 45 minutes Stairmaster, 25 jumping jacks, 25 bicycles and a one-minute plank.

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