Make it a habit!

Like last night, there are nights that I don’t want to work out and don’t want to eat well. I could easily sit on my couch and order chicken pad see yew—my default Thai order before I got my act together—and not go to the gym.

When I started working out with Joel, he said that, after a while, working out would start to feel as natural as brushing my teeth. Like most things he said when I started out, I didn’t really believe him. I liked the idea of exercising (as in, I knew I felt better after I exercised), but I was just terrible at dragging my lazy ass to the gym. Now, it feels like something’s missing in my day if I don’t work out. 

I was walking Bailey last night and thinking, why didn’t I order Chinese food or something else unhealthy tonight? I didn’t feel like cooking (per usual), and I kinda wanted some comfort food on a gray, summery stormy night. But lately, I’ve been going out for happy hours a lot and having bar food and unhealthy stuff I used to eat. Just as easy as I created healthy habits, I can destroy all my hard work by slipping back to my old ways. 

Habits are hard to break—it’s when you break them that you accomplish something.

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