You always return to your one true love. For me, for breakfast, that’s a spinach feta wrap from Starbucks. (Last night’s dinner was fajitas at Tortilla Flats for Jen’s birthday.)

Just a few more words on this:

Maybe Losing Weight in the City is a bit of a misnomer for a blog that’s now turned mostly into a blog about *maintaining* a healthy lifestyle and a 50-pound weight loss, but I’m not ready to change its name. If you just started reading recently, I hadn’t been trying to lose more weight. I already lost 50 pounds. I’ve been trying to maintain it through a healthy lifestyle. I’ve returned to Joel, the trainer who helped me do it, from now until my marathon (ah!) on October 10. I’m trying to tone up my core and run faster.

I try my hardest to eat healthy, but I’m human. I share with you when I slip up to show you that you can get right back up on the horse. I don’t always cook, and when I do, I eat the same meal for a few days straight. That’s how I “do” healthy, and that’s what you’ll find on this blog. If there’s something you’d like to see more of or if you have questions about what I’m doing, they’re always welcome.

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