Because it’s really been too long since I’ve posted a picture of my Pump bowl. 

I had lunch SUPER-early today, because I was planning on working out at lunch. I got too busy and didn’t get my workout in. Or my snack. I tried to get a McDonald’s 150-calorie ice cream cone but dropped the entire top part (FAIL).

So when 6:00 rolled around, and I told Lindsay I was hungry, she brought me to happy hour so we could have guacamole. I had no dog to rush home to tonight (he’s in NJ for a few days because I’m really busy this week), so I theoretically could have stayed out all night. But then I wouldn’t have gotten my workout in. And I didn’t get one in yesterday. So, I enjoyed one drink, stopped at Pump (I was RAVENOUS by this point) to get dinner, ate said dinner, and went to the gym to ride seven miles on the bike.

Gym bikes aren’t as good for you as outdoor bikes, and treadmills aren’t as good for you as running outside, but gym bikes and treadmills are better than no workout.

And I realize I’ve been forgetting to let you in on the vegetable of the day. For readers down under, today’s vegetable was onion. I took care of that with my guacamole and my lunch.

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