Dunkin’ Donuts turkey sausage flatbread with an iced coffee, of course. I’m going to DC this weekend, and I’ve had a super-busy week, so grocery shopping once again slipped very low on my list of priorities, despite my best intentions.

If you’re new here (and I’ve gotten quite a few new readers who clicked over from Caitlin and Tina, I don’t always have some great, yummy recipe to share with you. I do always show you how I try to maintain my healthy habits no matter how busy I am (and don’t get bent out of shape if I have a few less-than-healthy meals—I just jump back up on the bandwagon.)

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How I started. I didn’t write it in that first post, but my friend was getting married in Aruba last summer, and I really wanted to lose the weight I’d been carrying around for years in time for that.

Basic nutrition guidelines I’m following. The guidelines my trainer gave me that helped me lose the bulk of the weight. For a few months this year, I relaxed those guidelines, and plan on doing so again…

After I lose the last few pounds I’d like to lose to tone up some more for what I’m calling Theodora 2.5.

Race Recaps

And…how I’m training for my first marathon! (Chicago—10.10.10)

And my standard disclaimer that I’m not trying to push my ways on anyone—that I’m showing you what works for me.

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