Operation Beautiful!

Yesterday, I finally met one of my favorite bloggers—Caitlin of Healthy Tipping Point.

She’s in town promoting her new book—Operation Beautiful, based on the blog. It started with Caitlin posting a motivational Post-It on a mirror and posting it on her blog, and it grew to be a really popular movement that has helped men and women improve how they think about themselves.

She was on the Today Show this morning, and I met up with a group of bloggers/blog lovers to cheer her on (apparently you could see me towards the end! But not in the clip, which I’ll post later.)

Rebecca, Rebecca, Jess, Cynthia, me!, Sabrina and Tina!! Ashley was also there but had to leave earlier to get to work.

[Photo via Sabrina. If I missed your name/blog, please let me know! I’m terrible with names.]

On the plaza.

Oh, just Al Roker holding one of our signs. NBD.

It was great to finally meet so many other bloggers! We went to Au Bon Pain afterwards for a quick bite before I had to get to work.

I got egg and cheese on half a ciabatta:

(I was too caffeinated to take a clear photo, apparently.)

It was such a fun morning!

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