Two workouts tomorrow? Late night workout?

That’s what I just texted Tamsin, my motivational buddy. My mom came in tonight for dinner and to pick up Bailey, since I have a busy week and will be in DC this weekend! My ‘hood—Financial District—is nothing to write home about when it comes to restaurants. In the least. But in a pinch—like when my mom gets in after I get home from work and doesn’t want to drive back to NJ late—there’s a few restaurants. We went to Stella, and I got the salmon with bok choy. It also came with some basmati rice, which I picked at.

By the time she left with Bailey, it was close to 10. I could technically work out now, but I’d sleep like crap tonight, and a sleep-deprived Theodora is a cranky one. So, I’m going to do a little yoga (God knows my sore legs need it) tonight and work in two workouts tomorrow.

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