With the Bad, Comes the Good

I had a follow-up appointment with a doctor tonight about my potential food allergies. There’s still more testing to be done, but it looks like I might have a gluten allergy. The good news? It came back I’m not allergic to dairy—I may just be somewhat intolerant to it, but that’s somewhat common. I’m going to try to cut gluten out of my diet in the interim, anyway, to see if it makes a difference. The really good news? I’m apparently only allergic to peanuts—I always thought I was allergic to all nuts. I can’t wait to try all these nut butters everyone talks about! And Larabars! And…what else is good with nuts??? When my mom heard I had another appointment and I might be dealing with finding out I was allergic to gluten, she offered to accompany me to my appointment. It was hard to say no, and I appreciated her being there so I could remember to ask all of my questions. Afterwards, we went to Bridge Cafe, the oldest surviving tavern in NYC, for dinner. I had the diver scallops with risotto (if I’m giving up gluten, I’m going out with a bang.)

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