Guest Post: Healthy, yet sick?

Hi I’m Cynthia! I blog over at It All Changes.  While Theodora is enjoying the surf and sand in Hawaii I am inhabiting her bit of the blog world for the day.

Remember when Caitlin was on TODAY?  After screaming our heads off – I had a flashing sign – we ventured out for brunch.  I studied the menu for something I could eat when Theodora struck up a conversation.  She and I have both lost a good bit of weight but our bodies are still causing a bit of trouble.  Didn’t they get the memo about the HEALTHY living thing?

I was diagnosed with IBS after losing 80 pounds, but suffered the not-so-pleasant symptoms for many long years before.  I blamed it on my steady diet of Girl Scout cookies and Velveeta Shells and cheese, so I chugged Pepto Bismol and kept eating the junk.  Not too bright, huh?  Now, diagnosed, I’m learning being healthy doesn’t mean not having health issues.  So frustrating to work my butt off, literally, and now I have to deal with more problems.  Talk about unfair.  

No matter how unfair it feels, I realized getting my body healthy didn’t mean physically looking healthy.  Wearing smaller pants and breaking my 5K PR post major back surgery didn’t mean I could do or eat what I wanted.  Healthy living still took work…sometimes a lot of work.   My diagnosis comes with restrictions but opens my mind to an entire world of food I never knew existed. I’ve eaten weird foods before – chocolate covered crickets anyone? – but nothing like I’ve seen since I began blogging.

The blog world blows my mind with the new tricks and treats I’ve learned.  Agave syrup and chia seeds sounded like aliens, and I only bought sushi and cheap cereal at Trader Joe’s. ::gasp:: Now regular experiments in my kitchen include butternut squash muffins with agave and making my own jam with beet sugar.  My laundry list of “NO” foods is different from Theodora’s or anyone else’s.  

Choosing fun new foods makes my day instead of staring longingly at my beloved sushi (no fish for me) or the cupcakes at Crumbs while visiting NYC (no sugar either).  Ever try kolrahbi, purple eggplants, flax or aged goat cheese?  The list goes on and on of things you can try.  Who knows you may find your favorite new food?  My new favorite is beans—you know, the musical fruit?

Life is a roller coaster full of ups and downs.  Instead of screaming to get off because the drop into healthy living looks scary, strap your harness tighter and hold on.  New food and new activities are the best part.  Who eats boring food anyway?  Write down recipes you like to make them your own, instead of mourning the few ingredients you can’t eat.  Check out my Recipes page to see some of my adaptations and dream of your own.

Health issues don’t make you unhealthy or deprived.  Live the life you have!

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