Lime Jungle Where Guacamole Dreams Are Made Of…

My office is moving on Friday and one of my coworkers who I frequently go out to lunch with won’t be in tomorrow, so the three of us went out to lunch today. Jessie wanted to try Lime Jungle, a “healthy” Mexican restaurant on 9th and 51st. The last time we let her choose, she chose an AWFUL sushi restaurant, so we were a little weary of letting her choose again 😉

But she redeemed herself with Lime Jungle! Per usual, I got fajitas. Now, most fajitas come with the cheese on the side, so I only usually pick at it, but Lime Jungle put its cheese on top of the chicken. I love cheese, but I’m likely lactose intolerant, so I usually stay away from it. (HUGE SIGH.) Other than the cheesy chicken (which was incredibly tasty), lunch was good and Jessie’s not banned from choosing lunch places any more!

For breakfast, I had a spinach feta wrap and for dinner, Pump. I spared y’all pics; you’ve seen these a gazillion times! I had a 15-mile bike ride on my schedule but my knees are feeling a little off (it’s either phantom pains or hopefully just a little extra soreness from my half-marathon this weekend), so I skipped it. I’ll be running tomorrow and then I have yoga AND a massage on my schedule for Friday, so I hope to be feeling all okay by the weekend AND by the marathon.

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