Pomegranate Citrus-Glazed Scallops

YOU GUYS. Usually when I cook, I cook a protein, some veggies and a whole-grain carb and call it a day.

But tonight! Tonight was different. I was sitting on the subway thinking of what I had in my refrigerator, when it came to me.

Pomegranate. (The wonderful folks at POM Wonderful had sent me a case of juice.)


I would put them together, and it would be wonderful.

But how would I do something like that? Cooking is definitely not my forte, so I turned to Google, because it knows everything. “Scallops and pomegranate” turned up quite a few pages, and so I scrolled through until I found something I could do. I ended up being inspired by two recipes:

I decided I would combine the citrus and the pomegranate flavors. I warmed up a pan and sprayed some olive oil in it. Next, I had some Asian citrus dressing (which also has some soy sauce, which gave it all some extra flavor), which I splashed in, followed by 1/4 cup of POM (I didn’t measure, but it looked like 1/4 of an 8 oz bottle) and a big splash of wine. (The rest of the wine went in my glass.) 

I sauteed all of this until the sauce (reduction? I don’t speak cooking…) started to thicken and the scallops started to brown. I served it (to me, myself and I) with some brown rice and some leftovers from yesterday—zucchini with marinara sauce and broccoli. 

The finished product:

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