Chicago Marathon Expo


I landed and hopped in a cab to meet up with Meghann, her sister Kelly and Kelly’s friend Sara and her boyfriend at the hotel. We walked over to Epic Burger, where we had some epic burgers. I went for turkey, to keep my sensitive stomach happy, and also got some fries so I could keep my salt levels up.

Afterwards, we went to the expo to pick up our bibs.

L-R: Me, Meghann, Kelly, Sara. Yes, we have matching shirts. Yes, we love them.

Walking into the expo was totally surreal.

Let me break it down:

I was walking into a marathon expo. Not as a spectator or a friend of a runner, not to pick up a half-marathon bib, but to pick up a marathon bib. Whoa.

You might not be totally able to see the writing on the back of our shirts, but we have our blog URLs on our shirts. Yup.

That’s my bib!

This sticker is totally going on my car.

Apparently the Little Rock marathon is pretty badass. Huge medals and Greek gods? Maybe Ben is on to something.

I also met up with E for a little chat, but no photo…yet.

It is actually way harder than it looks to keep one’s balance doing this.

We got some deep dish pizza to end our day.

I STILL can’t believe I’m running a marathon in two days.

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