Get Inspired: Marathon Recaps!

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been reading quite a few marathon recaps. I want to know about the good, the bad, and the ugly of this crazy adventure I’ll be taking on Sunday. Below are just a sampling of the recaps I’ve read-some sent in by readers, some on blogs that I often read. I CANNOT WAIT to post my own on Sunday night or Monday. Maybe with a video?


Hot Potato (aka katiepiemiscellany): Auckland Marathon Race Report Part 4: She Can’t Walk, But She’s Trying


Inshallah, Y’all!: Marathon #5 


Marathon Mama: Berlin Marathon 2010


Caution: Redhead Running: Chicago Marathon Race Recap

The Front Burner: Hottest Day of My Life

Run Tiffy Run: Chicago Marathon Finisher


Rachel Wilkerson: Marathon Girls Go All the Way

Healthy Tipping Point: Disney Marathon Race Recap

Meals and Miles: Walt Disney World Marathon


Inshallah, Y’all!: 26.2 Miles Equals 42 Kilometers (And Other Things Learned Running Abroad)

Flying Pig (Cincinnati):

The Front Burner: Flying Pig Race Recap: 26.2 in Soaking Wet Shoes

Gasparilla Marathon:

Caution: Redhead Running: Gasparilla Marathon Race Recap

Meals and Miles: Michelob Challenge: Part II It’s Marathon Time Baby!

Little Rock Marathon:

Ben Does Life: If Words Were Meters, This Would Be a Mile

NYC Marathon!

Running on Empty: What a Difference A Year Makes 

Providence Marathon: 

Food to Run For: Race Recap

Rotorua Marathon:

Hot Potato: 4:04 and I am stoked!

San Diego Marathon: 

Meals and Miles: My Very First Marathon!

Thunder Road Marathon (Charlotte, NC):

The Front Burner: Running With Your Heart

One comment on “Get Inspired: Marathon Recaps!

  1. Charlie (the runner beans)

    I read a lot of these, and your own marathon recaps to psych me up for my marathon over the weekend. Really helped turn my nerves to excitement! I loved every minute of it, except for the 2.5 mile WALL I hit in the middle!! I am a marathoner and proud!!


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