I had another banana/sunflower seed butter sandwich for breakfast this morning because it’s amazing and a meal I can throw together relatively quickly no matter how little food I have in my apartment.

I had a consultation with Nutritionista last night—she launched a nutrition consulting service and is providing me free nutrition consulting services for review—and while nothing she suggested was a wild departure from what I’m doing, I’m excited to start making some of the little changes she suggested. One of the ones I tried this morning was using cream instead of whole milk in my coffee. She said it’s both more satisfying (yes!) and that the higher the fat content of the dairy product, the lower the lactose content. Since I suspect lactose intolerance, I’m going to try this to see how it works with my sensitive tum. I’m also starting to take probiotics again, since my stomach was pretty upset with me last week—I think partially because of the antibiotics I was on.

Also—I’m proud of my mom! She is pretty active throughout the day but doesn’t typically exercise much. I was telling her last night about my call with Nutritionista (by the way, it was very weird talking to her on the phone after reading her blog for so long!) and she was telling me how she has a hard time fitting exercise in her day. Her doctor recommended she walk for a half-hour everyday. I suggested that if she really didn’t have time to walk for half an hour, she break it up and 15 and 15. Well, this morning, she walked for thirty minutes before she even had her coffee!

Do your parents exercise? If not, do you try to convince them to share your healthy lifestyle?

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