I Should Be Packing…

But blogging’s more fun.

[Things I will regret later.]

When I left work tonight, I headed to the running store to buy some more Gu, but they didn’t have the ones I wanted, so I left. Once I got home, I realized that I had plenty, but I think I just felt like buying a few more would top off my readiness. When I realized the running store was out of my Gu, I looked around to see if there was anything else I needed. I was honestly shocked there wasn’t, that there was nothing in that store I could buy that would prepare me more for the marathon, or make it easier.

My parents came in to pick up Bailey, and we went out for dinner, where clearly I had some spaghetti and meatballs, just in case I haven’t already had enough carbs this week. I asked for broccoli to bulk it up a bit.

And then I figured since my parents were around, I’d ask my mom to help me iron on letters to my shirt, since Jen wasn’t here to do it like she did for our Army Ten-Miler.

First problem:

T-H-E-O-D-O-R-A. Eight letters. One size small shirt. Does not compute. My mom started giving me a hard time, and I reminded her that she picked the name; I did not. 

Second problem:

Iron-on letters + dri-fit = does not work. 

I’m thinking of going Sharpie at it…

Back to packing. See ya from Chicago!!

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