Six Day Countdown!

I am running my first marathon in six days! While I can’t stop thinking about the marathon (and the details—will I remember my Gus? What will the weather be like?), I’ve finally switched from sheer anxiety (omg, what if I don’t finish?) to accepting my training.

I’ll run three miles tomorrow, four miles Wednesday, and two miles on Saturday (to keep my legs loose). I’ve logged hundreds of miles training for this marathon, and if I’m not ready now, I’ll never be ready.

Like I said earlier, we moved offices over the weekend. We have an office cafeteria now, so I headed down with my coworkers to check it out. Our card came pre-loaded with $5 which actually went surprisingly far. I got a taco salad. I don’t usually eat salad, but I didn’t want a burrito and they only had hard taco shells. I don’t usually eat salad because it has a tendency to bother my stomach (and not always fill me!), but this salad seemed to be okay.

I’d ordered groceries to be delivered tonight, but they came late, so I ordered some sushi.

The groceries finally came, so I’m going to do a little cooking before bed so I can bring lunch for the rest of the week.

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