The Chicago Marathon in Race Pictures

I’m really sick this week and thus have nothing interesting to say about what I’ve been eating. And no, I most definitely did not attempt to run this morning.

While I’m deciding which race pictures to order, I thought it’d be fun to tell the story of my race in awkward race photos.

Before the race: smile? pose? Sure. That water would later lead to an early bathroom trip, those Shot Bloks in my bra would be consumed early on.

It’s still dark, but Laurel and I are still smiling.

Maybe if I had kept my mouth closed, my throat wouldn’t hurt so much right now.

I will finish this race if it kills me.

Alternate caption: I have two tickets to the gun show.

I was told there’d be egg rolls.

What, no inspirational messages on the ground?

There’s HOW many miles left?


What? I don’t get the beer until I finish?

Well, alright, I guess I better finish, then.

I’m almost to the beer!

This is clearly the only time during the race I noticed a camera. Otherwise I would have pulled together a smile and double thumbs-up in every other picture.

Beer time!

After: I can barely stand, it’s way too hot to wear a mylar cape, but I want it anyway. My bright pink sports bra is showing through my shirt because of a mixture of sweat, Gatorade and water.

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