This pizza sucked. My friend Anna was en route from Iceland back to D.C. and stopped over for a little while. We were going to go out, but then ended up ordering pizza because it was quickest. It was also suckiest. We each ate two slices, I sent her home with two and I’m throwing these remaining two out because they were so terrible. [The last time I had this pizza was in my heavier days, when I’d eat almost anything you’d put in front of me.]

Side note: did anyone pretend those little plastic things were doll tables when they were little? No? Just me? Never mind…

My other Sunday fail: my run. I ran about four miles with Bailey this afternoon. It would have been okay except that I had to break out an old pair of sneakers, since I’m fairly sure I left mine in Chicago. The arch support in them seems to be totally gone, since the outside of my foot hurts right now (like it did just before I replaced them). The shocks are also totally gone, so my knee’s in a little pain too.

It looks like new sneaks for me this week…again. Or maybe I should just buy a new pair of heels and start shaking my booty for cardio.

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