Track Me!!!

A week from now, I’ll be in Chicago preparing for my marathon!!! Today, the marathon people launched the runner tracking page, so if you want to track me, you can sign up here for text message updates! I was debating whether I’d post this or not, but I decided to post it because knowing people might be tracking me will keep me strong.

I had today off because we’re moving offices, so I caught up on sleep and snuggles with this guy:

And then I GOT A MASSAGE. I went to Dwight at the Equinox on 74th and 2nd, because Laurel speaks so highly of him. Before you go get all super-jealous, know that this massage HURT LIKE HELL. It was called the Muscle Melt, and melt my muscles it did. It was my first sports massage ever, so I was really really squirmy, but it was SO WORTH IT. My muscles feel much looser, and he says that’ll make me run faster. I basically just want to hand over my paycheck right now and have him massage me everyday. That’s how good he was.

After having wine for dinner last night and a bagel for breakfast this morning, I was in serious need of some nutrients, so I stopped at Pump on my way home. I’ve definitely lost my cooking mojo as of late, but Runner’s World has some good, healthy, carb-y recipes that I’m planning on trying next week.

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