To be honest, I don’t know where that last post came from. It wasn’t difficult to write, but the second I pushed publish, I wondered why I had written it. But a lot of people related to it, so I’m glad I wrote it.

On a lighter note, about two seconds after I posted it, Ashley called and I met her for lunch at 71 Irving, a cute little coffeeshop in her ‘hood. We got sandwiches, and I got the Tuscan chicken sandwich. It was a little dry, but mostly good.

Afterwards, I was supposed to meet up with Rebecca to run, but I needed time to digest, so Ashley and I went for a long stroll through Gramercy and Murray Hill before heading west so I could show her where I’ll be moving! After that, we walked down to 23rd and 8th (for a total of 2.5 miles), where I met Rebecca, so we could head to the West Side Highway to get our run on. I had some more Garmin issues, so I ended up doing 6 instead of the 7 I was supposed to do. But that’s fine with me. 

After a fun day and a rewarding run, and a week of being good at cooking, I decided to go for some takeout. While walking to Pump, I saw a Batmobile. I kid you not, guys.

And a water truck.

Um, the Batmobile makes my dinner look really boring.

I guess they’re filming Batman 3 down here!

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