Customer Service Quandary

I’ve had lunch or dinner plans more often than not this week, so I skipped a trip to the grocery store this week and will get back to cooking after Thanksgiving. So with an emptyish refrigerator, I took a walk to Pump tonight for dinner. (Shocking.) 

I usually get the same thing—brown rice, sweet potato, spinach, tomato, a little cheese, bison, guacamole and sweet red sauce. It costs the same amount every time. The other night, I tried the spaghetti squash base and I was charged the same price as I’m usually charged.

They had a deal the other day (spend $25, get $50 to spend there), which clearly I bought two of. They did it on their own (no Groupon or LivingSocial, it just took me to a Google Checkout) so I was unsure of how it worked. There were only 50 deals, so I figured I’d buy first and ask questions later. I asked the cashier about the deal and he said he had no idea and had never heard of it. I showed him the e-mail on my iPhone, and he still said he had no idea. I was hungry and tired, so I didn’t push that issue.

I thought that switching to the spaghetti squash base from the brown rice would save me some money since I wasn’t putting guacamole on it, so I was excited to spend a little less…until the cashier rang me up and it was actually more than my brown rice base with guacamole.

I told the cashier that I’d tried the squash base earlier in the week and it hadn’t been that much. He basically said “too bad, this is what it costs.” I looked on the menu, and it didn’t indicate anywhere that the squash would be more, nor did he tell me when putting it in my dish. (They tell you the guacamole is more when they put it in.) I probably would have stuck with the brown rice if I knew the squash cost more.

Would you have said something more?

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