I’m Thankful For…

On this Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for…

…a body that allows me to push it to its limits and the Inaugural Theodora Blanchfield Franklin Lakes Turkey Trot at 26:16, therefore coming in first place. (So what if nobody else was competing?)

…that that same body allows me to do so after a few glasses of wine last night

…that I’m finally happy with that body—both how it looks and how it serves me

…not having celiac disease—after a scare this summer, I’m so grateful for bread.

…living in the most wonderful city in the world, where I’ve always wanted to live

…but being able to escape to my parents’ house, just 30 miles away, when I need to (or want to)

…the ability to go back and see what I did last year on Thanksgiving on my blog

…for having a job that I like with a boss who respects me…this is a major change from the last two Thanksgivings.

…and fun coworkers

…and the bar in our office building that allows us to go from desk to drink in hand in under 5 minutes after a  long day or week

…a big kitchen at my parents’ house to spread out the goodies in


…cream cheese frosting.

(Okay, maybe I’m just hungry. We haven’t started eating yet.)

…the blogging community. I’m thankful for you, my readers, for putting up with me. I’m also thankful for the amazing women (and a few dudes) whom I can call friends, and whom I may have never met were it not for blogs. Thank you for inspiring me in your own ways, every day. 

…my friends, both new and old for being there for me in the good and the bad.

…the Junior League, for helping me give back to the community and pushing me to grow as a person. 

…Bailey, for putting a smile on my face 99% of the time when I look at him. (I reserve that 1% for when he misbehaves.)

…for my parents, for supporting and believing in me for everything I do, even if they don’t totally understand it. 

What are you thankful for?

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