It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas…

I’m going to find a way to mention Christmas at least once a day around here until the actual holiday, so…get used to it.

I was picking up a few things at lunch (including those Anthropologie fleece-lined leggings EVERYONE’S been talking about), when I decided that I needed to swing past THE TREE. Yes, there are plenty of big Christmas trees in NYC, but nothing compares to the one in Rockefeller Center. Tomorrow’s the lighting, so I like to pretend I got a sneak peek.

Before I lived in the city, this would require a special trip. Now, I stroll over at lunchtime to check it out—which makes me so glad I live here.

I had brought salad, but after walking around for a bit in the cold, I needed soup, so I stopped at Pret for some miso soup to warm up.

Regarding my last post… I think it was mostly—for me—a change of diet (asthmatics are sensitive to inflammatory foods, which I cut out) and increasing my exercise. Beyond that, I think it was just luck.

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